Punch Capital


Navigating this space requires an approach that operates at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, network and behavioural economics, competitive strategy, computer science, investing and portfolio management.

We are a team of investors, engineers, data scientists, operators and risk managers. We take responsibility as stewards of capital to help to successfully build this global-connected market and industry.

Our Approach

  • We mainly focus on achieving sustainable growth and risk-adjusted returns, rather than just running after short-term gains and trends.
  • The Multi fund seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by putting traditional risk management practices to use, accompanied with a great emphasis on managing downside risk.
  • Investments are screened by applying a multi-stage approach, subject to strict selection criteria that is based on AIMA best practices.
  • Ongoing portfolio construction and risk analysis work is performed, to ensure adequate diversification within the portfolio and applications across a wide range of sectors.
  • While utilizing all crypto asset spectrum, we adopt diversification strategy, rather than just focusing on one particular area.


The privacy of partners is a key principle of the managers' work.


Verification is only via cold wallet. Maximum privacy for partners.


Ongoing global audits ensure the safety of wallets.


DLT technologies underlying the fund will provide maximum transparency in terms of management and reporting.


For maximum results the fund is based on 2 strategies:

Aggressive strategy (extra fund capital)

Conservative strategy (investors’ capital)

Conservative strategy

Investors’ capital works exclusively in this field. Managing directors use the following tools:

Automated Strategies

A quantitative approach generating returns by trading on a fully automated basis using assets and futures contracts, where available.


Discretionary trading on higher liquidity cryptocurrency pairs.

Liquidity pools

This is a foundational technology of the current Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The tool provides a stable and safe income for investors.

Aggressive strategy

Professional teams are in constant seek to increase capitalization using highly profitable digital tools. We strive to diversify and increase liquidity in the fund's activities:

Early stage investments

Seed investment in top projects, and sourcing the best possible deals for tokens and equity.


The new play-to-earn economic model of the whole game and finance industry. Our professional team is taking this trend for greater capitalization.

The DeFi

The DeFi industry continues to show steady growth. A fundamental approach to project analytics that ensures great results at reasonable risks.

For a professional investors who are looking for more information on the fund, please fill in the contact form below and someone from our team will reach out.